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When you sponsor an entrepreneur through Africa Thryves, you are partnering with that entrepreneur to help create sustainable success for that entreprenuer, as well as his or her family, employees, and community.  Learn More.

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To Create sustainable success, Africa Thryves provides a system called The Properity Pod in which entrepreneurs can learn and practice continual skills with the financial help of their sponsors. Learn More.


Nourou’s Dry Cleaning Store

Nourou has a dry cleaning store that provides for himself and his family. He has turned a small profit over the last year and has continued to report his expenses and revenues to us. Nourou completed his MBS course in 2019. His business needs a new front to keep the dust from coming in and dirtying the laundry while it is being cleaned.

  • $510 raised / $600 needed 85% 85%

Rose’s Clothing Company

Rose is a refugee from Niger that has been living in Bamako for several years. She has great leadership ability, even in a society that often undervalues women’s capabilities. Rose and three of her daughters, completed the MBS class from Interweave Solutions this year and has created a business plan for pagne, a popular West African clothing style!

  • $145 raised / $500 needed 29% 29%

Issa’s Cyber Cafe

Issa has successfully run his cyber cafe, Sutech, for 5 years. He employs three other people at Sutech. Over the last 8 months, he has also overseen the bookkeeping processes of the businesses we have helped start. He recently married and has presented a plan for a second cyber cafe.

  • $6000 raised / $8000 needed 75% 75%