We believe in Africa’s potential

As the final frontier in our global economy, the rays of opportunity are only beginning to rise above the horizon. Africa’s physical resources have been known for centuries.

From gold to minerals that enable modern technology, the Continent contributes to the world’s wealth. Africa’s most valuable resource however has been underestimated, ignored and even abused.

That resource?
Africa’s population – its people.

About Africa Thryves

Africa Thryves is a for profit entity that straddles the non-profit and investment banking sectors.  The non-profit sector is a powerful and important driver of African economies, but for Africa to achieve its potential, we believe that the free market must be significantly strengthened.

Our model positions us to become leaders of African private equity opportunities as we develop African entrepreneurs and their businesses.

We Mind The Gap


We offer a variety of packages to our Western customers to personally link them to the development of these budding entrepreneurs and the changes that they are creating within their communities. These packages are listed in the graphic below with further details afterwards.

Interactive Giving

Your purchase gives our African partners the opportunity to completely change their lives. These opportunities are not given in the form of micro-loans but as an investment in their business.

They won’t be paying back the investment money to you or us, but they will report on their businesses regularly. We create financial statements for the small business you helped create and report those to you on a quarterly and annual basis.

This expectation of a report is key for entrepreneurs within our Prosperity Pod. The reports keep you connected to what is being done with the money from your purchase, but are also reviewed by the other Pod members.

The interactive portion of your experience continues in the next two steps.

Personal Stories & Connections

The entrepreneurs that we work with have inspiring life experiences and are eager to share them. Follow the entrepreneur whose life you have helped change through monthly updates on their life. For example,

Africa Thryves recently helped a family go from selling scraps of metal they found in the dump to managing a grocery store and building their own house!

All in a little over a year!

Updates will come in the form of videos and pictures and are sensitive to the privacy of the entrepreneur and their family/community. This is a moving opportunity to witness the impact you are having without actually being there.

Working with the Prosperity Coach assigned to your pod will allow for flexibility in the types of updates that you receive on “your” entrepreneur.

Vote on Profit Donation

This is a piece of your experience that we at Africa Thryves are really excited about! 

As the Prosperity Pods mature and generate profits, all our Western customers that have affected the Pod will have the opportunity to take part in an annual vote to determine which non-profit will receive 20% of the Pod’s profits from that year.

This creates an exciting moment for entrepreneurs who come from communities that are normally on the receiving end of charity to participate on the other end.

Wear Your Impact

By wearing a shirt about your impact, you not only raise awareness about this great cause, but you also support the artist that designed the shirt!

Every month, you will receive a unique shirt designed for Africa Thryves’ supporters.

Starting in 2020, each shirt will be designed by a different African artist who will receive commissions on shirt sales.

Promote Your Impact

We offer various promotional products with our logo on them as another way to promote our cause.

If you sign up for a package that includes this offer, you will be able to vote on which promotional items will be given out that month.

Advertise Your Impact

Market your organization as cause-oriented!

As noted in the graphic, there are different levels to which customers can advertise through us.


  • For $500, companies can advertise on our website.
  • For $2,500, companies or individuals can send a Public Service Message to the communities they are supporting. Africa Thryves will report back on the impact of their message.
  • For $5,000, customers can have their logo placed on the back of the campaign T-shirts.

Build Businesses & Entrepreneurs

You give hope. They give back.