Education offer individuals the opportunity to develop skills and habits of self-reliance through employment. They also offer employers the opportunity to evaluate potential employees with minimal risk. To the level that resources are available, Africa Thryves in conjunction with our non-profit partners will seek to provide apprenticeships for qualifying individuals.

Africa Thryves will work with employers to understand their needs and desires. We will work to jointly develop hiring standards and secure hiring commitments if our qualified individuals exceed the standards. The expectation for our apprentices is that they will add value to the employer.

  • We want apprentices who will serve their employers with a Founder’s mindset.

  • We want apprentices who will serve with an Abundance Mentality.

  • We want apprentices who pursue excellence?

  • We want apprentices who will be accountable?

  • We want apprentices who will be transparent?

Africa Thryves will seek to find apprentices with these competencies. We will work to improve and develop these competencies and we will invest our resources in people who best demonstrate these competencies.