Help Us Crowdfund

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The Sorensen Center video highlights the gap between non-profit and for-profit efforts. Cazier Capital is seeking to operate within that gap. With limited financial incentives to operate in this gap we are implementing a crowdfunding strategy to provide ourselves with some time and space for success. Not only are there very few incentives to operate in this gap, but we will be confronted by the sociology of poverty.

Our business plan targets leaders who will have the integrity and discipline to nourish the seeds (businesses and apprenticeships) so that they can grow into fruit bearing enterprises. In order to succeed we will need to operate within the communal realities of West Africa. In these cultures, economic success will create expectations of financial support from family and friends which will overwhelm the capacity of some of our apprentices and business partners.

The culture of Cazier Capital will be defined by stewardship. Our company culture will help our selected leaders balance future business growth with their personal needs and communal expectations. Our success hinges on the leaders we recruit.

  • Will they operate their businesses with a Founder’s Mentality?
  • Will they live their lives with an Abundance Mentality?
  • Will they pursue excellence in all they do?
  • Will they be accountable?
  • Will they be transparent?

Cazier Capital will seek to find people with these competencies. We will work to improve and develop these competencies and we will invest our resources in people who best demonstrate these competencies.