Sociology of Poverty


I ask myself what I would do in this circumstance and I cannot blame the family for using the available cash for immediate medical needs. I’m truly grateful for some of the social safety nets that are available in the United States . . . insurance, access to credit, government support programs . . . I then ask myself how the business might have been preserved while meeting the needs of the family. I wonder if we could have positively influenced circumstances by having some cash available for emergencies like this . . . what if we had a pool of trusted apprentices who could largely operate the business during the emergency? Might they have been able to help keep revenues coming in while the family addressed their emergency?

I don’t exactly know but as we invest in future West African businesses I plan to set aside contingency funds during the planning process and I’m hopeful that building a network of apprentices and businesses may be available.


 We invite you to join Cazier Capital in this journey.

Poverty is a formidable foe and we feel the best way to fight it is by focusing on one person and family at a time. We believe that disciplined leaders who will use their businesses to bless others will magnify our efforts. We will work with amazing non-profit organizations who will help in the fight against poverty while protecting the seeds we hope will grow into fruit bearing enterprises.

We guarantee mistakes will be matched with effort
and with that effort we hope to create an unforgettable adventure
that you will share with us.

There are several academic theories on the causes of poverty and how to address it. Political institutions spends countless hours defining poverty and debating appropriate solutions. Poverty in much of the developed world is defined “relative” to other citizens. In much of West Africa, the poverty challenges are absolute, meaning that there are “severe deprivations of basic human needs” (food, access to medical care, etc.) (United Nations definition in 1995).

Earlier this year I witnessed firsthand the impact of absolute poverty on business operations. Some friends and I had helped a young family begin a rotisserie chicken and water sales business. About a month after the business began the wife had a serious miscarriage which almost resulted in her death. The business came to a screeching halt as the available cash was used to pay for medical care which ultimately saved the young woman’s life.

However no one was available to run the business so revenues stopped and the business failed.