Prosperity Pod


Link to “Invest in a Prosperity Pod”
□ $25 monthly subscription
□ This month only
□ Buy ____ shares of honorary ownership
For $25 you receive 1 share of honorary ownership in a Prosperity Pod.
This enables our prosperity coaches to give you a front row seat into the realities, challenges and opportunities of investing in Africa.
You will also receive:
– A digital stock certificate (paper copy available for additional fee),
– Quarterly and annual financial statements and reports provided by the Pod Council
– Regular updates, videos and stories about Pod members and the affected community
– Reviewing rights for Business Plans that prosperity coaches and Pod council evaluate
– Voting rights on Pod Council financial and investment decisions
– Collective 10% ownership in Prosperity Pod. More shares equal more voting rights and greater possibility of returns.
o There will be no legal obligation to provide returns, but it is our intention and in our interests to do so. We are simulating investments to lay the groundwork for future possible opportunities.
What Pod members receive:
– A once in a lifetime opportunity for personal and business development. This opportunity can create a generational change from poverty to prosperity.
– Capital injections into their companies
– Human capital development opportunities (apprenticeships, technical training, targeted education)
– Opportunity to develop free market habits of accountability and transparency
– Opportunities to develop leadership, organization and service oriented habits.