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What Makes this safari different?

A portion of the proceeds go directly to one of our local African entrepreneurs to fund their dream.
People. That’s what makes this experience different from your traditional safari. A portion of the proceeds go directly to one of our local African entrepreneurs to fund their dream. You choose who your money goes to and, as part of your safari, you get to meet them and see your money at work. We’ll even give you a breakdown of exactly how your money was used to start or improve their business. Then, between awe-inspiring wildlife encounters, you can see first-hand the difference that you’ve made possible. We guarantee it goes beyond that one individual.


Top Destinations

With full access to four East African countries, we have an infinite number of trip experiences for you. Contact us to customize your trip!
Our team of tour guides and administrators has over 40 years of experience in giving you the best possible African vacation. We’ve got it all, from Nile rafting to Kilimanjaro expeditions.

One of our most popular experiences is gorilla trekking! After tracking gorillas in the wild with an experienced guide, you get to experience one hour with a troupe of gorillas in their natural habitat. Snap some pictures, but be sure to take the time to be in the moment with these gentle giants. Gorilla trekking available in Uganda and Rwanda.


A Look Inside their world

Gorilla trekking is the best way to experience the incredible world of gorillas.
Just like seeing them in the zoo. Minus the wall. And the people. And the zoo. Plus your trip helps maintain their natural habitat and boost the number of gorillas in the wild.

We offer gorilla trekking in a variety of locations throughout Uganda and Rwanda. You don’t want to miss it!

Our Guides

Our excellent local guides provide amazing service throughout your experience. They are adventurous and incredibly knowledgeable so don’t hesitate to make a request!

James Masaba (Jamie)

Senior Guide

Eddie Alimpa (Ali)

Head Guide


Senior Guide
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